Lumia540 Review: You ask, We answer! (Updated)

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If Lumia 535 made strong vibes in the market, the new upgrade will bring out high tides. Microsoft is going all out with one after the another launch in around INR 10,000+ category and making sure that at every INR 1500 addition to your budget, you have a rocking super amazing Lumia fitting your pocket.

Lumia 540 is no exception and is truly an upgrade to existing Lumia 535. Guys, we have just received a new black Lumia 540 from Lumia India and this time we thought we will give our review a twist. 

We are giving all our followers to ask us all the questions you have for Lumia540 and we will answer all of them back. So guys, keep throwing your questions to us and we will try our best to answer back. 


So, the very first question we got on our NLUC Community on Facebook was what all we get inside the box and how does the phone look and feel like once you hold it in your hands.

So guys, here is the list of things you get inside the box:

  •  Lumia 540 Handset (our is Matte Black)
  • A huge battery
  • A AC/DC Power Charger
  • Earphones
  • Reader Manuals and Warranty Information

For detailed unboxing, please have a look at the video below. We have tried covering the the unboxing, the accessories, the build quality, battery, SIM Slots and rest everything about the phone till it's switched on.

Camera Review

The test module of Lumia 540 had a tough day today. We tested out the front 5MP Wide angle camera and the mighty 8MP Full HD Camera of the phone and the results are really great. The camera outperforms the rest of the smartphone camera's in the same category. 

We have recorded a few videos and clicked a hell lot of pictures testing the lenses in different light conditions, high and low visibility, capturing different colors and objects.

Watch the detailed video below to watch the what our Lumia 540 had to go through today. 

Gaming Review, Apps and Processing speed review has been mapped. Check out the 3rd series of our Video Review for the Lumia 540. 

In this section, we will highlight the performance benchmarks, games, video quality and sound quality of the device.

We are looking forward to your feedback. If you have any more questions or if you think we have missed anything, please leave your comments below and we will try to answer them back.

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