Hololens, Is it the next big thing? Did Microsoft get it right? How great is it?

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Back in January Microsoft has surprised the whole tech world with an amazing new concept of virtual reality by unavailing the amazing hololens. The concept of visualizing virtual holograms on the real world seemed pretty science fiction way. But the few journalists who tried it on confirmed that this product is real and it works amazingly well.

So, What is Hololens, How does it work?

It is Microsoft's answer to the virtual reality. And it is the only of its kind that can overlay virtual world  on the real one. It shows holograms in the real world with which the users can interact with and it runs on windows 10 so can run all universal apps and many more specially designed games. For displaying holograms on the real world the hololens should be aware of its spacial orientation and position with respect to real world object and adjust the hologram's size shape orientation, along with changing the spacial audio with respect to the hologram's position with respect to the user. To this all hololens is accommodating a large set of sensors. All these sensors produce a massive amount of data every millisecond and to process this large amount of data Microsoft specifically designed a holographic processing unit. And the best part is to do all this it doesn't need to be connected to any computer. Power of on-board batteries is enough for it to work for a couple of hours. Which makes it a fully untethered virtual reality headset.

How does it look like when you are wearing a hololens?

So when you put it on you will be able to see the real world, and a virtual world created by hololens on that real world. As you move along the room the holograms move along with you or stay relatively still at a spacial point. you can customize your space by pinning different apps at different places like on the wall on the table. As hololens can remember the whole room's spacial setup every time you walk in to that room you will be seeing those that you pinned. You can resize their windows size if they universal windows apps.

All this is looking good. So are there any real world uses?

Of course there are many uses. Microsoft has currently teamed up with many companies to make great apps that can harness the power of hololens.Microsoft has been working with NASA in study on Martian rock through curiosity rover.In fact the hololens seems to be THE tool anyone could have ever. For architects it would help visualize and present their design with out needing to build a physical model. Imagine if you are going to 3D print something and you get to see how its gonna look like before printing and make edits right on. Imagine being able to just overlay furniture and see its gonna look good in your living room, before even needing to buying it. 

Great! When can I get it, How much will it cost?

Hololens is expected to be released sometime during the windows 10 time frame. According to sources it might be coming in the second half of the year. It is expected to be priced somewhere near 600$.

Did Microsoft get it right,Is it the next big thing?

During Build 2015 Microsoft has gave hundreds of hololens units to developers and media to test and evaluate. Most of them reported that its an amazing product. The holograms resolution is great and the interface is smooth. Its also responding to speech and air taps with fingers very effectively. But there is the one problem. Although it is dubbed to be a virtual reality headset it is what appears to be an unrealistic headset. In all the promotional videos Microsoft has showed that holograms appear all over the field of view but really they just appear in a little square area. You can see the holograms only when you are looking straight into them. Although the field of view is limited the whole holograms and their quality, stability has amazed every one. Clearly it is the next big thing but for now Microsoft didn't get it right. They  better catch up and do it right otherwise some other company will grab the bread from Microsoft's hand pretty soon.
So what do you think of hololens will you buy it ? Let us know in the comments below.

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