Game Troopers new Game Lines is Arriving soon to Windows Phone!

12:47 PM
Well known game publisher for Windows Phone Game Troopers coming back to Windows Phone with their newly designed game Lines. From the publishers of Tiny Troopers, Overkill 3 and make it rain now Game Troopers offers a totally different title.

Lines is an original puzzle game with very simple mechanics, just place and remove dots to initiate a race for filling a drawing. The colour having a longer line wins.

Game troopers mentioned that the gameplay will be simple and compelling and it will have 250 puzzle levels. You can reply the game as many times as you want.

As Jesus Bosch, Game Troopers CEO, states
Its amazing how many times I said ok, this is the last play for today, just for repeating the level again and again. Windows Phone users will love Lines!

Game Troopers expects to publish the game at June 18th with a price of 2.99$.  So are you excited about the game? let us know your feedback! 

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