Email and Calender for WIndows 10 mobile updated with a revamped UI and design

12:11 AM
Outlook mail app for Windows10 mobile has got bumped up to 17.14119.42012. The update is now available for devices running Windows 10 mobile build 10080.

New features:

  • Quick actions moved from top to bottom ribbon makes easy for one handed use
  • Toggles for swipe actions, signature, notifications
  • You can also set when an item should be marked read
  • New select button in the bottom
  • In the email too the quick action ribbon appears in the bottom having (...) menu for options such as move, unread, flag
  • Icons now have text based tips
The app still has the hamburger menu on the top. Yet the new changes make it a little bit easier to use the app with a single hand. 

Source: WC

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