Dropbox Version 2.0 or OneDrive? Your pick?

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It's where the Windows Universal Apps came into picture, common coding for multi-platforms for Windows Users is so much in and we have almost 500 big apps to get released within May'15. Out of the many apps, one of the major cloud storage and closest to Microsoft's own cloud storage; it's Dropbox which has just got updated and brings along a lot of changes to the app.

Dropbox announced their Windows Phone and Windows applications version upgrade yesterday, and the exciting part is that both the iterations are now aligned as universal Windows apps. Both the platform applications share the same code, but this also brings a lot of highly desired features to the Windows Phone universe.

Below mentioned is the complete list of features which comes to you once you upgrade to DropBox 2.0:
o   Universal app
o   Automatically fits your screen size
o   Upload lot many formats
o   Select multiple files to upload
o   Download files directly to your device or SD card
o   Save or open files to and from Dropbox within other apps
o   Select Contacts from Phonebook to share folders or files
o   Improved download speeds
o   Bug fixes and performance improvements

From the war of OS, Microsoft while it expands is also getting into War of Cloud storage, while letting the cloud storage applications offer beautiful products and features. Likewise, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive can now be set as default back up cloud service, it’s really convenient for people migrating from Android OS to WindowsPhone Mobile. They really won’t have to keep separate backups.

With Dropbox upgrading to 2.0, and OneDrive already offering such great features, all we hope is a great future for WindowsMobile. In whichever case, what’s going to be your pick? OneDrive or Dropbox is our question. Do drop in your comments in the section below or follow us at our Facebook or Twitter Handles.
You can download the WindowsPhone upgraded DropBox Ver 2.0 here
Some official statement from Windows Phone App Store:
Dropbox lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all of your computers, phones, tablets, and on the web. With Dropbox you’ll always have your important memories and work with you.

• Access your photos, docs, and videos from any device
• 2 GB of free space when you sign up
• Share even your biggest files with a simple link — no more attachments!

• Add files to your “Favorites” for fast, offline viewing

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