Deal: Cupky Jump an addictive Windows Phone game now available for free as MyAppFree deal

3:24 PM
Cupky Jump is now available for free as this week's MyAppFree deal. Normally the game cost $0.99 in the Windows Phone store. Its an universal app so if you get it on phone you can get it for free on any other windows device, in this case windows 8.
The game puts shoes on to a cupcake who will need to bounce around and collect bonuses and jems. To complete a level cupky need to reach the gate avoiding all the obstacles and manage not to fall.
Cupky Jump Main Menu
Cupky will keep moving around and only changes the direction when it hits a wall. And you need to tap the screen to make cupky jump up and grab the jems, candies avoid obstacles and reach the exit gate. Many features in the game reveal themselves as you pass through the levels. There are 30 levels currently and the diffuculty of each level vary accordingly. 
Only thing you need to remember is that "analyze the environment jump accordingly to avoid falling into an endless abyss."
So what are you waiting for go on grab Cupcky jump before its too late.

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