Cortana coming to Android and iOS, Microsoft confirms

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Microsoft today officially confirmed that cortana will be coming to android and ios. We know from many days that microsoft is planning to get cortana to android and ios and also windows 10 will also be coming with cortana built in. Today microsoft announced that to enable great integrated experience with windows 10 they are going to release a bunch of apps to both android and ios platforms that will make the user experience complete. Of Course cortana is also in  the list. Microsoft also announced that they will be releasing a companion app to windows 10 that will enable your pc to connect your phone and interact with it which ever operating system it is running. The companion app also tell you what are apps needed for it to function properly.
Cortana for android and iOS won't be as powerful as it is on windows phone and is going to come as a separate app. The app will be launched during the late june of this summer. The cortana app will have notification support. Inside the app you get ask the same kind questions or queries to cortana as you do on your Windows phone and get results.
Most of the features of android and ios cortana will be same as that are now available on windows phone and windows 10. The main goal behind bringing cortana to iOS and Android is to bring their services to all users regardless of the platform they are in. 
You can find the demo video here

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