Continuum for Windows10 Phone and all you need to know about it

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Windows 10 Continuum
When Microsoft has announced continuum for PC back in January, it seemed like the move is inevitable to satisfy both mouse and keyboard users and touch users. But when they announced that continuum is coming to phones too it truly made made me to think its futuristic. The ability to turn your windows 10 phone into a full PC is damn crazy. Although Ubuntu has tried this on their phones its different from what Microsoft is doing.

What is continuum in Windows 10?
The ability to switch seamlessly between Tablet and  PC interface based on the change in the hardware. For example you are using a 2 in 1 with out a keyboard all the apps open in full screen and icon will aper big such that it is easy for you to use it via touch. Then you decides to attach a keyboard and carry on, immediately the whole OS experience will change to suit the mouse and keyboard input. Apps will open in windows with different sizes(based on your selection), icons get smaller. All these changes will happen seamlessly. 

Sounds Great, Then What is Continuum on Phones?

Imagine you are having a new windows 10 phone in your pocket and you connect it a touch down space in your company and BOOM! you can enjoy the full power of a WIndows 10 PC there except it is being powered by a Windows 10 Phone. All the universal apps work the same way they work on a full PC, they can scale up to any screen size you connect the phone to.The whole interface will be changed to suit mouse and keyboard input. Now if you are working on something like an important email, you get a call, you certainly don't to retype the whole thing again. So with the dual screen capability you can answer the call with out even needing to disturb your work. Continuum for phones works through both wireless and wired connections. Microsoft even announced they would be making dongles to connect to a display and use your phone as a software touchpad and keyboard. 

So, Will it work on my existing phone too?
Sorry, No it wont work. Because for the continuum to work it needs newer hardware. In the demo video Joe Belfiore clearly  states that the dual screen capability requires new hardware from qualcomm. May be Microsoft is going to feature their next flagship device(s) with this dual screen capability and continuum. Who knows? 

At the end of the day I felt  this continuum feature is resembling some what like the project my screen feature which is announced a while back when announcing the Windows phones 8.1. Project my screen(Miracast) + Wireless  Keyboard(which we know is Supported in windows 10) +Wireless Mouse( which we know is Supported in windows 10) + Some thing new( Ability for the apps to scale up and dual screen capability). 
Saying is that "Key to the success is perfecting the recipe rather than creating an entirely new one" From this we can say Microsoft is clearly following the saying.
Do you agree with this? Comment your opinion below. 

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