Concept: This is how WhatsApp might look like if gets redesigned with Windows 10 like UI

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Microsoft is working very hard to make windows 10 a great release of windows.It brings same design philosophy to all devices regardless of size and power. We have seen numerous improvements in the design and UI from that of Windows phone 8.1. Windows 10 mobile technical preview build now comes with a new and improved contact interface plus totally redesigned icons. Keep these changes in mind a new concept of Of how whatsapp for windows 10 mobile might look like has surfaced on the internet.
As you can see above whatsapp is totally redesigned to suit Windows 10 mobile design ideology.
Some new features that you could expect along with this redesign:

  • Ability to disable message notifications
  • new animations to open /close chats and sending messages
  • select multiple messages
  • forward or delete multiple messages 

The concept looks awesome for me, Yet it is just a concept. So dont expect much from seeing this. It may or may not become real. What are your opinions about this concept? Comment below.

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