Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 to Come With New Anti-theft System

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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 is the upcoming windows phone update also known as GDR2. While we have already learned about the features in the past, a feature that Microsoft promised over a year ago will finally be added to the device with the next update and that new feature is "anti-theft" protection.

As the name suggests, it will cause thieves bang their head against the wall. The function named by Microsoft "Reset Protection" will allow you to unlock the device only to a person possess a Microsoft account stored on the device. Let us get in to the details about how exactly it works and how it benefits.

From the documentation :

Reset and Reactivation protection - The stolen device can not be reused by resetting or flashing the device. When a user performs a factory reset on the device, they will be asked to enter the Microsoft Account credentials are associated with That device. Additionally, if the device is flashed with a new image and reset Protection is turned on, the Microsoft Account credentials were associated with That device is required to finish the OBE and use the device.

Anti-rollback protection - If the Reset Protection is enabled, the stolen device can not be flashed to an Earlier version of the operating system that did not support Reset Protection.

Thus, for a stolen device with lock enabled, you can not use the phone until you know the Microsoft account data associated with the device.
An alternative method would be to unlock the device by the manufacturer, if you will be able to send to Microsoft and they then could unlock the device without knowing the password to your account because they might use an Excel file of IMEI numbers of blocked devices. Of course, this is too a hectic process.

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