Windows 10 : Leaked Screenshots from the new phone build 8.15.12521 and innovations

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windows 10 on Nokia Lumia

The first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones was released on February 12th, and the list of phones was very limited. The next preview build of Windows 10 for phone is currently in the works and may soon come anytime. The team behind the preview had been working on a feature, technically known as "partition-stitching" that  allows to re-size the system partition dynamically, thus allowing to do the upgrade on a larger set of phones. It was also the reason that held back a lot of windows phone fans to get it, and felt discouraged and irritated.So, what do we expect from the next future build? Infact, a lot more improvements and bug fixes. 

outlook account on windows 10 phone
        1. You can now delete the Microsoft account without resetting your phone, a big help! (pic above)

windows 10 people app

        2. Save your contacts to a SIM card via Export to SIM feature

messaging app windows 10

notifications and maps in windows 10 phone

        3. Longed notification LED, currently only models Lumia 730/735 and 930 contain hardware LED.

back up settings in windows 10 phone

privacy settings in windows 10 phone

        4. There is privacy feature under settings, where you can take control of all the apps installed on your phone, and what other apps they have access to.

sync settings feature in windows 10 phone

dialer in windows 10 phone

That is all. I hope you like the all new features. Of course, more is to come from time to time. If you have any questions and queries, drop us an email or comment below, we will get right back to you. Also, share this post and keep coming for more !


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