First Impression of Windows 10 Tech preview for Phones with Screenshots!

11:31 PM
Windows 10 for phones released for phones finally for a large range of devices and we are able to get our hand on it. After using the phone for few hours I can say few things. This version is a very early BETA of Windows 10 so it has a quite lot of bugs but this has a big potential. Though everything is not working properly but it can still amaze you if you get your hands on it.
One of the best part is the brand new UI. The UI is just awesome and cool. Revamped settings is very good too. New notification tray with lots of options. New outlook mail, more settings options, outlok calender. Microsoft has tried to change our mobile phone experience with this Windows10 and I must say, they are pretty much successful with this. If they can eliminate the bugs then it will be very very cool.

Here are some screenshots that you may like to see

The multi tasking is quite good on Windows 10. The Project spartan is pretty fast. However, Windows10 is very very fast if u compare with windows8.1

Readers let us know your thoughts about Windows10 in the comment section below! I've updated to Windows10 and what about you?

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