Lumia 535 is receiving a new firmware update, probably to fix touchscreen

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Lumia 535 Denim

Lumia 535 was one of the first Windows Phone devices which came with a non-Nokia branding. While, there was nothing wrong with the specs of the device but the users who bought the device faced a lot of issues especially with the touchscreen. The touchscreen didn't seem to respond as it was on phones with the Nokia Branding but Microsoft didn't remain silent and they quickly responded to the matter and released an update to fix the touchscreen issues earlier in January. The update didn't help most of the users and they still felt irritated and upset with their touch.

Now, Microsoft is back again with a new firmware update that is said to fix all the touchscreen issues one is having with his/her phone. The update is currently available in Europe and Asia Pacific with other countries to follow. So, go ahead and check for update under settings.

  • OS: 14234 (8.10.14234.375)
  • Firmware: 15053 (02060.00000.15053.2400x)
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