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11:29 PM
One month passed after the new year. Lots of things can happen in a month related to Windows Phone. New apps joins Windows Phone store, new devices and rumour news, app or game updates and much more! Here we are going to pick up the top stories of January 2015. In case you missed it, you can read all from here.

Devices and Rumours

  • LG revealed that they are working on a new Windows Phone - Read
  • iBall launched a Windows Phone - Read
  • Microsoft launched Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 -Read
  • Vietnam sees the launch of gold Nokia Lumia 830 & 930 - Read
  • Lumia 435 is all set to launch in India - Read


  • Phototastic Collage arrived into Windows Phone store - Read
  • VLC (public BETA) launched - Read
  • MX Player updated with UI changes and small fixes - Read
  • Microsoft launched Phone Insider - Read
  • Lumia Camera 5 updated - Read
  • Official Facebook and Twitter picked up nice updates - Read
  • Dropbox launched their official app - Read
  • Whatsapp updated with Whatsapp web support - Read
  • Skype translator preview is available for registered users - Read
  • Phone Insider renamed to Windows Insider - Read
  • VLC updated - Read


  • Beaver kickin: An amazing endless flyer game - Read
  • Dragon mania legends landed on Windows Phone store - Read
  • Strawberry shortcake Berry Rush launched - Read
  •  Puzzle Pets launched for Windows Phone - Read

  • Joe Belfiore's Chinese name? - Read
  • Journey of a Windows Phone beyond the bounderies of expectations - Read
  • Whatsapp FAQ for Windows Phone - Read
  • Windows10: The next chapter happens as it is live - Read
  • How to add 2015 Worldcup schedules - Read
  • Food Photography: Ever noticed this amazing subject? - Read
  • Capturing every corner of London with a Lumia1020 - Read
  • Holiday Phoneography: More than your eyes can see - Read
  • Slovakia: Meeting the world behind behind the corner with Lumia1020 - Read

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