Now stream your Youtube Videos on Smart TV directly, DLNA on Windows Phone

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If there is one application that has been missed by a lot of Windows Phone users who have a smart TV at home was the official Youtube Application which on other OS gives users a streaming support over DLNA. This enables them to cast or stream their videos from their phone to their Smart TV with just a click. 

If you are amongst such users and if you are sad on being able to do that on your Windows Phone, the sad part ends here. I am sure by now you would be familiar with one Youtube client app which is a fully featured application when it comes to watching Youtube Videos or managing your video list for Youtube. Enjoy fans, now Tubecast is going to get more closer to your heart. 

Tubecast adds Apple airplay support along with password ability within the new packed version of that has hit our application support. The app has several in app purchase features which are worth it. Click on the video below to witness the amazing improvement the application now brings to us. 

What are the changes you will get with the new update?
  • Apple AirPlay full support (passwords handled too)
  • Chromecast bug fix (video seek) for the new firmware
  • DLNA bug fix, 
  • Preload MP3 from videos
  • New gesture : hold to close the Picture in Picture
  • Picture in picture bug position fix
  • Bug fix for fullscreen video HD playing 
  • New channel page user interface 
  • Keep playing while switching apps is now disabled by default (change in the settings)
  • Youtube URL copy to clipboard : direct access in the application bar
  • Newsfeed faster loading & less data downloaded
  • Live Tile shows newsfeed subscription when you are logged
Download Tubecast for Windows Phone

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