New leaked images of Windows 10(phones) going wild on Internet

11:47 PM
Earlier today, we have seen some screenshots of latest roumored builds of  Windows 10 for phones.

For now, on  website, a guy "tdiddy.2" given leaked images from someone based in China. As everyone is await of the technical build of Windows 10 for phones, this leaked images gives the pretty enough information of  first build of windows 10 for phones.

here, we go with detailed information of images:

  • Compact context menu:


  • Small Keyboard, hand mode and voice input:


  • Little bit Change in interface of  Store with the new keyboard clusters have the ability to move and change the layout or quick access to the Settings of the keyboard.


  • This interface is the initial boot screen:


  • Application interface and File Manager:


  • Universal apps:


  • Change in the Lockscreen with real time clock(yet to be confirmed):


  • Detailed view on the Application list:


  • Start screen background image:


  • Windows 10 for phones gonna have recording app, which has a simple UI with recording list page:


  • Universal Maps app, which includes off-line maps:w10 universal maps app

  • A new Universal Xbox Video app:

w10 new xbox video app

  • New phone dialer:

w10 new phone dailer

  • And lastly, new double height tile options:

w10 double height tiles
As we said above the leaked images are just roumors, which aren't confirmed by the official sources yet. But, the features are pretty good. So, don't  be upset if these aren't available in the first build of Windows 10 for phones.    

Are you guys excited with the rumors?
let us know you below in the comment box.

Source: WMPU and THE VERGE

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