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Join us right here on January 21 at 10:30 p.m IST (+5:30 GMT) to learn about the next chapter for Windows 10.

We have been updating you about what all is known and what we get to know about today's much hyped - Windows10 launch.

Microsoft today, will reveal a single code base inside the software that allows single application to run well on all three platforms - Phones, PCs and Tablets. This definitely is a huge win over the developers  as this would easily cut short the need of different developers for different medium. This means that anyone who makes software and applications for Windows Platform, will be able to make Phone or Tablet specific versions with ease. Microsoft might also reveal a new product today, which could be a hybrid of Phone, Laptop and a Tablet, which might appeal a lot of people. 

Read a few of our stories about Windows 10 here:

Lots more would be revealed tonight at 10:30pm Indian Standard Time / 09:00am PST, dofollow think link for live updates of as how it happen on the live stream. 

Live Feed

10:01pm (IST): First Image of Windows 10 Out
Seems bright, blended and colorful. Search bar seems to be integrated with Live Tiles. Product in sight is Dell Venue 11 Pro - A Tablet. 

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10:20pm (IST): Pictures from the Venue

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10:28PM (IST): The Show is about to begin...
Terry Myerson, Windows chief, will start  and then CEO Satya Nadella will finish things up. It's going to be a 2 hour show!! 

10:30PM (IST): The event has started.
Terry Myerson is on stage, is talking about the feedback on Windows 10 from developers and testers. Also, talking about how Cortana will be like never before. He is discussing the Enterprise segment first. 

Presenting Windows10

Windows 10 will protect corporate data better than ever
- The new transparent Start Menu is coming to Windows 10 - For all Devices
With Windows 10, universal Windows apps come to Xbox One
- There is going to be One Store, One Platform
- Mentioning about more devices that can be announced today
1.7 million had signed up to shape Windows 10

A Few stats being shared, 

  • Windows 10 has been installed over 3 million times from these Windows Insiders that signed up early to preview Microsoft's next OS
  • Microsoft Insiders are being praised through a video
  • "A special thank you from everyone on the team" to Windows Insiders

Mobility, trust, and natural interaction are key to Windows 10. "You are our customer, not our product," says Myerson

Windows 10 has been built on three pillars

  1. Mobility of Experience
  2. Trust
  3. Natural Interaction

Natural interaction means "the right interaction in the right way at the right time." Interactions can be mouse, keyboard, touch, pen.

First Major Announcement

Microsoft will be making available a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all devices running Windows 8.1.  A free upgrade to all devices running Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10, too.

Bonus: Free Windows 10 for Windows 7 customers for first year. 
Meanwhile, Lumia Video Upload, Lumia Selfie, Lumia Panorama picks up an Update. 

More from Microsoft:

Once a device is upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft will be keeping it supported for the lifetime for the device. One can think of Windows as one of the largest internet services on the planet. 

As we expected, the discussions are moving towards making the life of developers easier. Same set of developers can now target almost every Windows Device.  With the launch of Windows10, it would be great for consumers; and for developers. Windows 10 is so much more than the latest version of Windows. Windows 10 changes the rules of the game.  

Windows really is turning into a service, that will run across every device. Exciting words from Myerson, Windows doesn't really seems to be the same Windows anymore. 

11:10PM (IST) Joe Belfiore is out!!

- A new taskbar has been revealed,  it's blue and catchy.

The Start Menu looks elegant, sleek and chic!! 
- Delighting Fullscreen Start Menu, Resizable. That's pretty!!

Presenting - Action Center

- A new Action Center for quick actions, like turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- The new Action Center is a Notification Center too, Just like the Action Centre on the Windows Phone. Apps can add buttons or images, so notifications can appear and users can interact with notifications directly - Which means that Live Tiles will get more interesting along with Notifications on Action Center. 


Now onto the Tablets and Hybrids, When you remove a mouse and keyboard, you get a little pop-up to push you into tablet mode. Looks pretty clean, no unnecessary animated stuff, and the Start button and taskbar remains on screen. 

Joe Belfiore is carrying an 8-inch tablet. He is revealing the User Interface on tablets and how smoothly you can transform from a plugged in devices to a Tablet. He is also showing  a  bunch of new touch gestures to navigate between apps. The taskbar is such beautifully integrated that  It works like a tablet while you're on the go, and then it works exactly like a PC when you dock it. 

These gestures will come soon on Windows10 enabled devices, maybe another 2-3 months.

Cortana on Windows10

  • Cortana working brilliantly on PCs, Tablets and Windows Phones
  • Jokes, Predictions, Leaks, Topics, Alarms (with Snoozes) across devices sync same information for your Windows10 devices. 
  • Cortana is your friend in need
  • Starts with "Ask Me Anything", integrated with Taskbar on Windows10; calling it Cortana Home
  • Joe is asking Cortana various questions, and Cortana seems to be handling all these queries brilliantly. No hiccups at all. 
  • Belfiore is discussing the notebook feature of Cortana along with what we have seen in the past on Window 8.1 Phone devices like flight tracking, weather, shopping, events etc.

The search seems to be integrated with Cortana. It searches the meta tag you ask her to. 

Joe: Show me PowerPoint slides about the charity auction

Similarly, Cortana gives you Photos from a particular month or specific date.
Exciting feature with Cortana is suggestion of Application to be installed and Application to be opened. Example, typing Skype will bring up the Store listing for Skype if it's not installed, and if it's installed you can simply launch it. That's actually well thought of. 

Having Cortana on your PC is like having another member of the family sitting around and helping you get things done.  Cortana can now not only play music, it can pause it too. 

Wolla, Cortana can send emails too. Just Like how Cortana can send out messages from our phones. That's brilliant again! Joe Belfiore is demonstrating Cortana emailing Terry Myerson "about a very big moment." Cortana is dictating things perfectly.

Windows 10 for Mobiles and Phablets

It's not complete yet. It's little rough but we are going to witness how Windows10 looks on a phone. 

  • The Start Screen background image is now in the background instead of over the Tiles. It looks a lot better
  • Action Center (Notification Center) is now in sync to the PC with Windows10 installed. Now same notification across devices. You cancel it from one, it goes away from other. This is true cloud computing
  • Most Wanted, Settings has changed. It looks a lot cleaner and more sorted. Thank you so very much
  • Inline replies during notifications. I think, it's miles ahead from competing OS could think of. (photos below)
  • Move-able Keyboard, excellent for Bigger screens (6inch to 8 inch)
  • Improved Voice to Text, even convert HashTags to #
  • New Messaging hub is revealed, Skype is now integrated. 
  • Microsoft is bringing back the switching capabilities it used to have in Windows Phone. So you can swap between talking to people over SMS, Skype, and other apps.
  • Only Skype is mentioned right now though. It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft can convince Facebook, WhatsApp, and others to support this deep integration.

A small hint by Joe, Registered Insiders might get to see first Windows10 build in a little while. 


Office for Microsoft Mobiles - Windows10

  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel all included for all Windows10 enabled devices
  • Office Ribbon is here, with formatting commands, Highlighting, Formatting, Color, etc
  • Now you can track changes as well, thanks to Office Ribbon
  • Powerpoint on Phone looks like how Powerpoint looks on PC
  • Slideshow transition, slideshow included in Phone version. Can be projected
  • Wireless Printing will be incorporated into all Windows10 Devices
  • Finally, a new outlook mail client. Universal for all devices, with Word engine build on the Mail Client

Microsoft uses the Word engine in the existing desktop version of Outlook, but most people turn it off because of formatting issues and performance. Will be interesting to see if those concerns are addressed with this new universal app.

Swipe right to set flags, and swipe left to delete. Sounds familiar? Yes. It's how we manage emails on iOS.  PC version is as elegant and sleek as Windows Phone version. The calendar is now fresh, very Metro. And you can add a wallpaper onto the outlook client.

New Photos Application

Copy Paste is the word. The Photo app looks very similar on the PC and phone. It's encouraging to see Microsoft is clearly making these apps work consistently across both PC and phone. 

  • On any device you own, even cross-platform devices, Microsoft will have a OneDrive app that's built in that uploads your images to OneDrive
  • This new photo app is aggregating all photos from all devices at one place
  • The collection view removes duplicates, burst photos, and the general clutter associated with syncing photos across multiple devices
  • The photo app also auto-enhances photos. So it automatically removes red eye and brightens up photos
  • Albums will be automatically created

Our computer, tablet and phone are going to create collections of photos into auto generated albums, with a thumbnail image and formatting. This will be generated by cloud and would be easily share-able over mails, messages or social networking sites.

A New People App also has been revealed, along with the new Music App. 
In about a month or two months, Microsoft will add support to system to put your music collection in OneDrive. 

New Maps Application is also announced, with Cortana Integration. Cortana can even remember where you parked your car. Outstanding!

Spartan  - Revolution in Internet Browsing
A new web browsing experience for Windows 10. A new rendering engine under the covers. It has a new look and feel, it fits right in with Windows 10 applications. 

  • Note Mode:  You can draw all over a web page, comment, and then share these notes right on the web page
  • Click anywhere on the page to add comments
  • Touch, Pen or Keyboard - feel free to use anything to comment
  • A clipping tool to pull out segments and save it to OneNote
  • There's a new Reading Mode. It formats the web page like a book, and it looks clean and simple
  • Reading List that will sync across phones and tablets. You can even save content offline so you can read web pages offline.
  • Cortana integration is going straight into Spartan, Address bar integrated gives weather updates, flight details
  • If you visit a restaurant reviewing website, it gives out details, deals and reviews
  • Cortana also show up and give you directions, just because she knows the web page is a restaurant and knows its menu, location, contact information, etc.

CEO, Satya Nadella on stage talking about his vision for Windows 10 and how he sees integrating the innovations in software and hardware with customer satisfaction. He wants people to love Windows as a user, as a developers. He wants Windows a part of your life, family. His vision is clear - Being the platform and productivity in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. 

Microsoft believes  Windows 10 will fundamentally make everything people do with computers today more valuable, more immersive, and more personal. 

We're going to get to see Windows 10 across phones, tablets, PCs, and Xbox. That's on the promise, One Platform, Unified Application, Across Devices. 

So that's it folks, really has been a heck of a night writing all the live feed for you. Please stay tuned to WindowsHive.com and do ask all the questions you have in comments section below. Dont forget to share. 

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