Windows Hive Top Picks: Best 3 Strategy Games on Windows Phone

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Gaming is one of the best things we can do on Windows Phone. We have various categories of games on our Windows Phone store. Almost on all categories we have heavy amount of games. Like other types we also have a good collection of strategy games in our Windows Phone store.

Here I'm going to pick 3 best strategy games we have our Windows Phone store which can entertain you as long as you'll play. These can even make you think about it anytime, for some true strategic plans. Lets see which are these special games!

1. Age Of Empires Castle Siege: Age Of Empires is Microsoft's long running franchise developed by Microsoft Studios. A game that is very much popular on all over the world and one of the most popular strategy games.

Here in this game you'll be the king of your own kingdom and you have to rise yourself by plundering other players and destroying and looting their resources. You can select from 6 historic Civilizations including Britons, Franks etc.You can forge alliances and chat with your alliance players too!
games, windows phone
Interesting matter is, you can select heroes with special abilities which will give you extra edge while battling! Anyway, if you are tired of doing PvP battles then you can try your might on selected campaign missions.
Overall, this is a great game that you don't want to miss!

2. Cloud Raiders: One of the most famous online strategy game on mobile platforms. Developed by Mobile Game Developers Game Insight, this is probably their best game. Cloud Raiders is one of the most rated games on Windows Phonw, iOS and Android store.
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You'll be landed on a floating island and you have to repair and build your base there with Gold and Clouds. Build, rise and other plunder other players on PvP.
 Forge Clans, loot Valors and dominate on the leaderboard!

Overall, Cloud Raiders is really a good game for strategy game lovers. Vivid graphics, brilliant gameplay, beautiful music, anything can be better? Don't miss this game!

3. Throne Wars: Throne has the most deepest strategy I've ever played on mobile games. Though this game is not much popular on Windows Phone store but you don't know what type of strategy this game carries until you start playing this game. Developed by FlareGames, a small game developing company based on Germany, Throne Wars is a great creation from this team.

In this game you'll be placed on a random position on map. You have to grow from there, surving yourself and killing your neighbours.Let me clear first, this game is little different from the other strategies like Aoe CS, Cloud Raiders, and as I said previously this game has the deepest strategy, you won't understand until you play and understand this game.
From my experience of playing this game for almost 1 year, I can say that if you start playing this game you'll never think of playing other games. Though you may feel that the graphics of this game is not very good at first but you won't feel the game after playing for few days. Lots ofcthings to do, lots of things to manage, and most importantly, dodging the attacks of the other attackers and countering their attacks makes this game unique.

The alliance system in this game is very nicely developed and the chatting and messaging system is very good too. You can choose between over 15 servers in this game. These small things will surely make you happy.
games, windows phone

Overall, this is the game for hardcore strategy gamers. I'm again saying, this game carries the deepest strategy I've ever played. May this not applicable for you but I personally recommend this game to those strategy gamers who want to taste the real strategy games!

Readers, what are your favorites? are these matching with you? If not then sound off below what are your favorites!

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