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Microsoft announced windows 10 for phones on Jan 21st. And we all pretty much excited to what its going to look like on our devices. So for those who don't know already windows 10 is the next update that is coming to the whole windows ecosystem. Yes to all phones, tablets, PC's, xbox! And if you are interested you can try it out by joining the Windows insider program through which Microsoft is giving early access to its new OS(like the preview for developers program in phone).Technical Preview on PC's is already going on and so far there were three public Builds. Preview on phones will be coming next month.

On 21st Microsoft showcased Windows 10 on phones bunch of its features.

New Start Screen

The start screen will have a background picture with transparent tiles. 

the applist will also contain the same background image blurred over by the theme colour. The top of the applist will have recently downloaded apps. we can expect more filters in future.

Notifications and Action Center

You can now replay to a message directly from the notification itself.

You can now remove notification one by one (even if its from same app) from action center. The notifications will be in sync with your PC. 

You can  see all the toggles by clicking the expand button. 


 Settings app is known for being not very organised. It is said that it is the longest settings app of all the three major mobile platforms. Well now it seems to have changed. It looks more clean and organised. 


You can move the keyboard on the screen. The design of the keyboard seem to have changed, it sleek now. The speech to text feature can even detect and type "#" when you say "hashtag" 


Skype is integrated right into the messaging app. The app itself look very neat. Reminds me of those WP8 days when facebook is integrated in to the messaging app. May be we can expect the comeback with windows 10. It would be great if WhatsApp is also integrated. 


Office is now in par with its PC. It has the look and feel almost same as its counterpart. And also now office is an universal  app. You might think because its universal app it would run on the same code as pc one that means it might need more RAM, Dont worry its hardware accelerated it wont cost you much RAM. 

Office ribbon is also here. The look and feel of office is way better than the existing version on windows phone. These apps will come as a part of Windows 10 builds. All touch devices will support wireless printing. 


Outlook app is also an universal app. It's been completely redesigned with clean UI. It been backed by full word engine! Yes the engine that powers Microsoft word. 
It has some gestures too. You can swipe left to delete a mail.   
You can swipe left to flag a mail. 


The calender app is very polished. Looks very "Metro". Its also a metro app. Also an universal app. 


Again an Universal app. It looks almost same in PC and phone. The design is great. Onedrive is integrated in the app. It collects all the photos from your onedrive. The collection view removes duplicates, burst photos, and the general clutter associated with syncing photos across multiple devices.It also have auto enhance built in. While displaying photos it automatically removes red eyes, even adjusts the brightness.

The app can create albums automatically. It can even name the albums based on the location time and date when the photos were taken. 

Your phone and PC will create collections into albums with a hero image and formatting. Its all done by making use of the power of cloud. 

People App

People app is also been redesigned 

Music App

So a new music with new design. More interesting thing is that now you can stream music directly from your Onedrive collection. This feature will be going live in a month or two. 


The maps app has cortana integrated into it. Cortana can even remember where you parked your car.



Codename project spartan is said to be the replacement browser for Internet Explorer. It is rebuilt from groundup. Cortana is built right into the browser she can even predict and show what you are looking for. If you are typing a airline website it will show the your flight status if you have any in the calender. 


Image Source: The Verge and Neowin

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