Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush Landed on Windows Phone Store

7:15 PM
Strawberry shortcake berry rush for windows phone

Loved watching Strawberry Shortcake on Cartoon Network? The story continues! Famous game maker Miniclip SA, the makers of the Rail Rush, launched Straw Berry Shortcake Berry Rush into the Windows Phone store. Smartphone gamers like to play Endless runner games so maybe this will be another choice for them!

From the store description -

Get ready for some Strawberry Shortcake fun!

Strawberry and her friends want to bake fruitilicious cakes, but they need your help!
Run, slide and leap through the wonderful world of Berry Bitty City and grab all the strawberries, cherries, oranges and other yummy fruit you can find!
Then it’s time to decorate your cake, and snap a picture to show your friends!

Play as Strawberry Shortcake or one of her friends! Look: Cherry Jam, Orange Blossom, Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Torte… they’re all here!

Run along with the super-adorable and cute puppy pals! Every day is a special occasion for Strawberry Shortcake, and that calls for a fresh and fruity look. Each character has her own set of stylish outfits.

Come join the fun and play Strawberry Shortcake’s berry exciting Berry Rush adventure!
Strawberry shortcake berry rush for windows phone

Features of this game -

  • Play as your favorite strawberry shortcake character
  • Race through colorful and amazing city
  • Ride Rainbows, leap from flowers,and catch butterfly power ups
  • Bake and decorate delicious cakes
  • Dress your characters with tons of cool outfits
  • Collect fruit and coins to make recipes and unlock cute puppy pals
Strawberry shortcake berry rush for windows phone

Overall, this game is good. Graphics is vibrant and music is beautiful! If you are an endless runner gamer then do not waste a single minute!

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