Puzzle Pets: A Colourful Puzzle game from Gameloft

10:37 PM
puzzle pets
Game developing giant Gameloft launched another great game Puzzle Pets. Gameloft proved to be a good publisher since many years and now they are covering the Windows Phone store too with great games. They are continuously bringing great games into the Windows Phone store slowly!

By the name, we can guess that this is a puzzle game, but the game is quite interesting. From the store description -
Cute pets! Cool islands! Wild fun! Plunge into the most vibrant match-3 puzzle adventure you've ever seen. These pets have lots of personality and loads of special abilities for unpredictable and adorable fun!
puzzle pets
 Features of this game -

  • Match upto 6 pets and create upto 10 combos
  • Watch these pets turning into helpers during your adventure
  • Train and master the helpers to clear the Island of threat
  • Progress through various types of lands
  • Find your favorite strategy with lots of items
  • Join exciting ingame events.
  • See what your friends are doing in world map
Overall, this is not like the general puzzle solving games. This game is little different. Graphics is awesome and Music is good too. You can surely give this game a try.

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