Monster Castle: Build Your Monster Castle and Stop Human Invasion!

1:10 PM
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Monster Castle is a novelty strategic tower defense social game on Windows Phone. Lead your monster refugees to build new strongholds and defend the human hero's invasion. Play an exiled chief of monsters, rebuild the abandoned castle, forge your own army, protect the last shelter, and fight for Monsters' freedom!

Features of this game -

  • Exciting story and addictive campaigns
  • Build your own unique monster castle and defend the human hero's invasion
  • Recruit an army of epic monsters
  • Battle with other players and take their medals
  • Challenging real time tower defense based combat
  • Strategic spells for tuning the tide of the battle

Overall, this tower defense combat game is good, but not so impressive. Graphics are moderate. However, there are lots of new features to be added with the game, maybe in the future updates!

Have you played this yet? if yes then how's it? if no, then are you going to play? Let us know in the comments section below!

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