Lumia 735 is Launching Tomorrow in India!

10:38 PM
Lumia, Lumia735

On a tweet from Lumia India, we can expect that Lumia 735 will be announced tomorrow! Lumia India wrote "#WideLies #ComingSoon #22nd Jan". So they made it clear there will be surely a Lumia launch in India tomorrow.

Though they have not mentioned about the exact name but from the image and the hash tags we can expect that it is Lumia 735. So, here comes a question that why we are saying that it is probably Lumia 735, here are the points to notice -

  • On that photo we can see that there is Nokia branding which is telling that it is not a new one
  • The hashtag on the photo is telling about taking wide selfies, which almost confirms it is Lumia735 
About the Specifications, Both Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 comes with same specifications except the 4G or LTE version. We saw previously Microsoft India has launched Lumia 638 in India, which is 4G/LTE enabled. So, 735 could have the same specifications and 4G and we may hope that it will be availabe on the Microsoft Store in Amazon India.

Readers, what you are expecting about this device? What is your guess about this device pricing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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