Graph is Showing That Lumia 535 is Bringing Great Success!

10:38 PM
Microsoft shifted about half a million of Lumia 535 in India. According to Zauba, Microsoft has already shipped 502,468 peices of Lumia 535 till January 2015 which is worth USD ($) 30,303,313 and the supplier is only China. Graph is showing that, 237,000 Lumia 535 have been shipped only in January this year.

Bangalore Air cargo accounted for 31.2% followed by Delhi Air cargo which account for 28.8% of the whole shipping.

Graph is showing that 535 sale is increasing day by day and bringing a great success to Microsoft.
Now we have to wait to see what the latest launched Lumia 532 and Lumia 435 can do? Maybe better?

Source: Zauba

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