Brazilian certification authority confirms Lumia 435

2:27 PM
Back in December 2014, we reported a low cost Lumia has appeared online, going lower than 5xx series and claims to be a Lumia 330. Now the Brazilian version of the FCC, Anatel, has finally provided proof that the low-end device, a Lumia 435, does exist after all, and may come to to the market soon.
Lumia 435
The phone (code-named RM-1068) is believed to come with a 480p 4″ screen, measuring about 11-12 mms thick, Snapdragon 200 processor and with dual sim 3G capabilities (no LTE). Surprisingly the phone appears to come with physical OS navigation keys, instead of the traditional soft touch keys we’ve grown accustomed to on low-end Lumias. On the other hand the device appears to be missing a physical camera button, which one again appears to be preserved for *pureview* devices.

In addition, it is also believed to be a replacement for Nokia’s X Android range of handsets.

Lumia 435 details
See the relevant Anatel communication below.
Lumia 435 Anatel Communication

The handset’s cost price is believed to be only $56, which should make it the cheapest Lumia yet when eventually released.

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Source: wmpoweruser

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