Beaver Kickin: An Amazing Endless Flyer Game

2:38 PM
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Beaver Kickin, an amazing endless flyer game. We are habituated with endless runner games but not with endless flyer games. Here is one great endless flyer game for Windows Phone which you may want to play.

Beaver kickin for Windows Phone
Chop Tress and fly Beaver to his ultimate destination!
Collect wood logs and upgrade your beaver to make the best distance record in the whole forest!

Features of this game -
  • Colourful vivid graphics
  • Infinite levels to fly
  • Different locations for flying
  • Different upgrades for your beaver
  • Funny Costumes for Beaver and Lumberjack
  • Leaderboard and Achievements

Overall, this game is amazing and fun to play. You'll never be bored. Smooth game play and vivid graphics makes this game more joyable. If you are tired of endless runner games then you should obviously try this one.

beaver kickin gameplay

beaver kickin game

beaver kickin gameplay on windows phone

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