ZBox: The XBox Music alternative? Reality Check Here!

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Christmas is here guys, and i think Microsoft has decided to really make it a special one for us. The Windows Phone Application Store is giving us one surprise after another, and these surprises are really sweet enough to add weight to our Windows / Lumia Devices.

It started with releasing VLC Beta, then Candy Crush - one of the most awaited game on Windows Mobile platform and today, releasing Glace Screen Update along with Gesture Control Beta. 

I am sure that you would have really dig down about these big announcements from Microsoft and trust us, these really big to catch your eyes. But there is one application which is trying too hard to stay unnoticed from our eyes.

Hand Picked by the NLUC Team, we bring to you -  ZBox Music Application for Windows Phone 8.1 - It's for people who feel xbox Music isn't enough. Let's review more about ZBOX Music and understand whether it is really a XBOX Music alternative.

If I have to describe the app with respect to my first time usage, then I would say, "A simple & elegant music player, exclusively for Windows Phone". Yes, It's pretty simple to use and the UI is very appealing.

For people who were really disappointed with the way hoe XBox Music has been regressing, the Zbox really steps in as a perfect replacement. XBox Music showing up performance, reliability and design issues with recent updates, the users had a lot of issues with the app. 

Let's look at what ZBox brings to us:

1. You can use the app and listen to music, while the search is on to fetch fresh music added on your phone or SD card. This means what within no time to opening the application, you'll be able to hum the songs

2. Zbox finds you missing album art to your songs. So, if you have been downloading songs without Metadata tags, Zbox is surely a great tool to help you with this.

3. Large Album Art on display makes it easier to check Album covers, tracks etc.

4. Last.FM Integration, yes you read it right, the Zbox team is working very hard to get the Last.FM integrated with the app, which would let you listen to streaming content over their cellular data or Wifi.

5. UI is fast, elegant and simple. Songs loads up fast without even a second delay. The color scheme can match your current theme color too. 

People, I would suggest that you should give this app a definitive try. Click here to download the application:  http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=9ff0d21d-18a2-4e5b-9ea2-14ab1c26c664 (It is 100% free with no ads)

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