Why You Should be careful in Installing apps on SD card.

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Its been a great year for windows phone. The perk of being a WP user is that you get all the OS updates no matter what kind of phone you are using(Except wp7x). Well the time we receive the updates vary with the device we use but always there wont be much amount of gap from device to device. With the release of Windows phone 8.1 we got a great feature, that feature gives you the ability to install apps on your SD card( external storage). But with this we are going to have a some side effects too, that too only when you install far more amount of apps on SD card or you use a slow SD card( like class 4). These effects mostly to apps and games installed on SD card. But Don't think  any thing will happen to Phones performance.

 So what are they?

1)Slower start up of device(need to load all the apps installed on SD card too.
2) Slower launch speed of apps installed on SD card. And sometimes slower app interface. this will lead to decrease in battery back up too.
3)most importantly takes more time in installing updates.
what ? how can that be?
(because all the apps in the phone needs to reinstalled while OS update. it will take tremendous amount of time because many apps are on SD card. )
4) heating problems

you can avoid these scenarios if you do follow some tips

1 ) install most used apps( like social apps , favorite games ) on phone memory.
2) only install use full apps to your mobile let it be on SD card or phone. if you find them not much use full uninstall them.
3) Use a faster SD card (class 10 will be great) 

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