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Do you fancy those techie guys controlling things from their remote devices? Wonder how the presentation experts carry a wireless pointer to get the maximum attention? It’s time for you to be the hero in your office or college. We would today review an application called – Office Remote for Windows Phone.
Office Remote converts your Windows Phone into a smart remote that connects with Microsoft Office on your Desktop or Laptop. The app lets you manage MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint, so you can stroll around freely during presenting a document, or your sales figure on the excel sheets. The best part is that it also highlights the speaker notes and presentation time, so that you don’t overdo with the audience.

It comes with some super cool like, you can start or stop your PowerPoint, switch between the slides, see your notes for clue points, and manage an on screen pointer, which works as you move around your finger on the touch screen of your Windows Phone. Similarly, one can also switch between the worksheets, presents some graphs and charts. Word file sections or paragraphs can also be managed easily through this wonderful and extremely functional application.  

Follow these basic simple steps to set up your Windows Phone as your MS Office Remote: 

  1. Download the Microsoft Office Remote PC Setup software from Microsoft's Web site and follow the instructions install it on your PC
  2. Download the Microsoft Office Remote App on your Windows Phone from here and install it on your phone
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on both the devices, Desktop or Laptop and your Windows Phone and pair them
  4. Open the Office documents (Word, Powerpoint or Excel) you want to present, go to the Office Remote Tab, Click and Turn On the Office Remote
  5. Once the devices are connected through bluetooth, you will see all the opened documents.  Select the one you want to present 
  6. Once you select the document, respective functions will open up for you on your phone

The Office Remote has the following functions to offer:

- Jump to the next, previous, and last slide
- View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide
- View speaker notes on phone
- View presentation timer and slide numbers
- Laser pointer using touch on your phone

- Change worksheets by swiping
- Use Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters
- Jump to any named object in your workbook
- Move up or down the worksheet
- Change the zoom level

- Jump to headings
- Jump to comments
- Screen up/down
- Line up/down
- Change the zoom level

So guys, get your shiny shoes out, your business suite ready and head right away for a business presentation in style with your Windows Phone. 

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