My Lumia Story in Kankavali: Traveling with my Lumia 625

8:16 PM
              On 3rd December,2014.Me and my Mom, Sister and cousins  set out for train bound to Kankavali  from mangalore train.The departure time was 10:30. We were heading to our native place, Actually the reason for our visit was It was rather a sad occasion, My grandmother's death anniversary. But the scenic beauty of our village Brightened my mood. I am a great fan of nature photography .My artistic mind set into action The pictures were really delightful But as we all know, My mum reminded me the reason of our visit. But Habits die hard, sleep didn't come to me that night I kept  peering out of the window. Natural beauty had  captivated me. Especially the good ones!! I was upset because i couldn't take much pictures At night because of the low light, also because of the movement of the train and  its not even possible to take lowlight shots with Lumia 625.

           Train arrived at Kankavali station at 5:10 in the morning There was a lot of confusion while getting off the train It was quite cold in the morning . And we ended up getting some other person's bag, Well that was quite embarrassing. The sun was about to rise when we just reached there We then hire taxi to go further into the village " Nardave " So all of us dozed off The travel was quite lethargic That is except for me I wanted to capture the beauty of sunrise All the hard work i did to find a perfect spot For the perfect picture paid off And believe me friends it was worth! 

            Then i headed back to my mom, I have to pay my respects to my grandmother .The function ended as it was planned ,But it was expected.  Well it was very gloomy I headed out shortly after I did a little scouting around Took  pictures here and there

      In the Tunnel
             And around 8 p.m. In the evening ,Living in the city i had no idea of this,  There was some sort of prayer "Bhajjan" . I want to have a video of it But my elders advised  me against it. I never understood  why they did it.Then something unexpected happened out of the blue, My aunt was possessed by my grandmother's spirit. As i grew up in the city I never thought i would believe In such things My aunts eyes  rolled over Her expressions where frantic Her voice Became somewhat different She talked to all of us  She said "bheu nako me tujhya pathishi aahe" which means she's always with me.  The experience was quite scary .She also Said that i had a bright future ahead of me .We set out for mumbai Next day morning 7 a.m. From that moment onwards i grew very fond of her,  Our hearts were heavy with emotion Some very good memories And very good photos too. On our way back Due to some technical problems The train was moving at a small pace Because of which i could take the pictures. From the two days visit We reached home I was very happy because of this Which i couldn't earlier It was Very heart warming.

            There i noticed something .Some of them Around 90 % of the population  still use nokia phones 3310 &1100.And also I was not having my charger to charge my Lumia625.Anyways here is my Battery status after 2 days of my trip :') It was very difficult for me to take some good pictures with Lumia625. A phone with 5mp camera only and without carl zeiss optics or pureview tech.
I have edited those pictures in Adobe Photoshop CS3,Photoscape,Photomatix Pro and Lumia Creative Studio.I tried very hard to remove some noise and to get some sharp images with attractive colors.
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Original Story Written by Raj Jadhav

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