Store is bringing Carrier Billing to India, China and Brazil

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carrier billing windows phone

Estimated 93% of the people living in the fast growing emerging markets do not have a Credit cards, which makes it difficult to purchase various apps and games from Windows/Windows phone store.

Today Microsoft announced that

Today we’re proud to announce that Windows Store has become the first global smartphone platform to enable carrier billing for app purchases in China through China Mobile, India with Idea and Brazil via Claro. China Mobile alone is estimated to serve nearly 800 million customers, including millions of Windows Phone users. The largest carrier in the U.S, Verizon Wireless, has also added Windows Phone to the platforms it supports with carrier billing
Few days ago, we found that Idea Cellular from India enabled carrier billing, so it was actually from the terms of Microsoft and they were working silently on it. But today they announced it officially, as we can see.

Microsoft has also mentioned that
Specifically we;
  1. Offer a full-service Store in 191 markets and in 50 languages, with support for a variety of monetization options including paid, freemium and ad-funded apps. In-app purchases – including those made through carrier billing – have grown to be 76 percent of all paid revenue (IAP+DTO), while the addition of ad mediation has helped increase advertising fill rate to 95 percent across all markets.
  2. Merchandise apps by market with hands-on curation and proprietary personalized algorithms to help ensure that customers discover the apps that matter to them in their local market. Nearly 20 percent of the titles we merchandise in the top 25 markets are developed within that country, while 66 percent of merchandised Windows Phone Store apps appear in the local language. In fact roughly 75 percent of Windows Phone app downloads are for a language other than English. Thanks in part to our merchandising efforts we estimate that Windows Phone customers download an average of 122 apps each.
  3. One of the biggest areas of differentiation for Microsoft is in the range of payment options we offer to pay for apps or make in-app purchases, which is why we’re so happy to be adding more carrier billing connections in key markets. These carrier billing options round out a range of payment choices that include credit cards, Alipay, Paypal and now bitcoin (U.S. only).

carrier billing windows phone

With this Microsoft's work, we can notice that they are looking in future, as they have already estimated their upcoming customers. So we can say that they took a good step towards a brighter future of the whole Microsoft community!

Source : Microsoft

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