NTES: A Simply Brilliant Train Enquiry app for Indians

10:15 PM
NTES, Windows Phone, Lumia

National Train Enquiry System, a simple and nice train enquiry app for Indians. If you are a daily passenger of Indian railway, or if u travel often by train then this is the app for you!
This app provides various info about Indian Railway and really very handy app mainly to the daily railway passengers like me.

This app provides:

  • Spotting any running train
  • Live station info
  • Detailed train schedule
  • Trains between two stations
  • Info about cancelled trains
  • Info about rescheduled trains
  • Info about diverted trains

With a brilliant UI and correct info, you'll never miss your train journey!

Readers, what are you upto? Going to use this app? let us know in the comments section below!

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