Microsoft Lumia 535 touch fixes coming soon: Stay Tuned!

1:33 PM
lumia 535

Facing screen sensitivity problem with your Microsoft Lumia 535 ?

You are not alone.
Recently Microsoft replies :
"We're aware of reports about touchscreen functionality and are planning a software update to help improve this in the Microsoft Lumia 535 and 535 Dual-SIM phone."

We experienced similar issues with our Lumia 535, The most two Common bug we found are low touch sensitivity and very lack of touch detection, As it comes to touch and display there could be of having chances of hardware as well as software issue and it was unclear to us.But after the officials reply everything was cleared about the serious display bug.The software Gaint Microsoft is familiar with the touch issue and is already working on a fix and claimed that it the sensitivity of Microsoft Lumia 535 is much greater than it should be. We now concluded that software is the guilt,which can be updated anytime in Display or Touch.Malfunctioning of touch in Lumia 535 is frustrating. We believe this news has satisfied your mind and you have put your valuable money to its right place.

Source : Microsoft

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