Microsoft Bingo! - Travel the world while you play

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microsoft bingo

“Microsoft Bingo” is a brand new Windows Phone game recently, (read: finally) announced for our WIndows Phone platform, comes with the XBOX Live support. This games is free, has a travelled theme with loads of twist and is no more just a number matching game. 
microsoft bingoGame Play: You earn flight points as the score card fills up level by level. While you advance, you unlock some beautiful locations like Thailand, Paris, Australia etc. Also, along the way, you get to collect power-ups which help you enhance the multiplier of rewards. You also have an options to chat and play with your friends online. Not only this, you can also chat up and play along with people across the globe, all thanks to the XBOX support. You also get to collect souvenir of places you visit while playing this exciting game. 
There are weekly goals to be achieved which on achieving gives you a special reward. You can place bets on numbers on your tickets to get Power Cards or the Power Bingo!
To say Bingo!, Just click here to install for free: “Microsoft Bingo” 

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