Luxury City Parking 3D: Test your Parking skills as a Driver!

10:43 PM
Luxury City Parking 3D, games, Windows Phone

Luxury City Parking 3D is a game made to test your parking skills as a real life car driver. This game is pretty interesting cause its like real life car parking. In this game, you'll be given an amazing car which you have to park at a particular destination without any crash. Sound interesting? I know yes, but it is not that easy as it sounds. So lets try it out!

How to play:

  • Use steering wheel, acceleration, brakes to control your car.
  • Go to the parking pit before time runs out!
  • Do not hit anywhere.

Features of this game:
  • 30+ unique levels to play
  • The most realistic car physics
  • Stunning graphics
  • Original car sounds

Readers, this game looks good? Lets try it out!

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