Lumia Storyteller for Windows Phone updated to v4.0.3.2

11:40 AM
Lumia storyteller
One of the reasons why choose a Windows Phone is Microsoft providing users some great apps that are exclusive for Lumia. Microsoft has been continuously updating their apps giving Windows Phone fans a better and unique user experience.

The Lumia Storyteller app lets you create short stories that can be shared with friends and family or over a social network.

Here is the app description:
Lumia Storyteller automatically groups all your photos, videos and cinemagraphs into individual events called stories.In your timeline you can browse and modify your stories, then view and share them with friends as story videos or interactive web pages. You can also sort your photos and videos by location, add captions and create a list of favourites, and when you’re looking at a photo you can see where you took it on a map by zooming out.

Lumia Storyteller is a great new way to enjoy photos and videos on your Lumia phone. The app has been updated to version

 Here is what’s new:

  • New visual design
  • New black background
  • Places now has a 3D spinning globe
  • Publish stories online at
  • Video stories are now merged into timeline

The update is now live in the store and you can download it here

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