Landscape mode Start Screen Coming to Windows Phone

9:26 PM
windows 10 landscape home screen
             It has been rumored that more live tile sizes are coming in Windows 10‬ on windows phone and also in pc as you can see in these screenshots from Windows 10 on PC. In the above pic, its demonstrated that you will able to rotate the start screen without changing the position of the live tiles.This new feature is expected to come along with windows 10. One amazing thing that you will notice is the tile sizes.
windows 10 landscape home screen
              There were rumors about the double height tiles past 3 months ago, and now its again shown up in the internet and have rumors to come with windows 10.The start screen of new windows 10 UI in windows phone will have more colours other than just black and white.Although we dont have much information in this feature, According to our sources we believe we will soon come to know more about rotating home screen. The Tile  sizes are as follows :
resize :1x1

resize :2x2

resize :4x2

resize :2x4

resize :4x4

 What do you say about tile sizes and landscape mode home screen?

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