GoMusic : An Alternate to Xbox Music Player

12:44 AM
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These days we have several good music players on our store, GoMusic is one of them. A beautifully designed simple music player. With a nice designed UI, we can see lyrics also on this music player.

With this player you can be able to -

  • Choose Between 4 themes
  • Easily view your music, artists, albums, playlists
  • Search for songs, albums, artists, playlists
  • Find lyrics automatically.
  • Set Sleep timer

Overall, this is good music player to use. If you want any alternate to your Xbox Music Player then you can surely take a look on it. 
       So what do you think about this player? Are you going to install it right now? or, do you have another great Music player on your mind? let us know in the comments section below!

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