Free Lumia 535 Wallpapers

11:03 AM
Windows Phone Start Screen

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 update came with a number of additions and improvements over its predecessor (Windows Phone 8). Some of the highly touted features were Action Center, Cortana, Word Flow Keyboard and etc. One of the most liked feature was the new Start Screen Background. Earlier a user only get to set a pre-defined accent color from the settings( depends on his/her mood) and the live tiles reflected that particular color. But, now, with the new background feature the tiles can go transparent which means u soon as you set an image, the tiles transform to show the beautiful image in the background. Although, the transparency effect of the tile solely depends on whether the developer has enabled the functionality for the app but for most apps it is available.

Starting here, there is no need to search the web for new wallpapers, as the recently launched Lumia 535 official wallpapers are available. That is true, have extracted the bundled wallpapers from the Lumia 535 and have made them available for download!

Backgrounds, which are 540×960 pixels, all look pretty good, and can be downloaded from the site here

Note: There are 3 buttons, the middle one seems to be the safe one.

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