Find A Way Soccer 1 & 2: Simple Puzzle Based Soccer Game

7:49 PM
Find A Way Soccer 2, Windows phone

Do you love soccer games and love to solve puzzles? Find a Way Soccer 1 & 2 will keep you entertained. Challenge your brain to find a way to score Gooaaal! You'll have to take several steps to find your way to score goal.

This is a turn based game, where you'll first take one step then bot (auto) will take one step. However, on higher levels, you'll have your team mates with you and you have to pass it on to your other team mates and finally score a goal.

Here are some screen shots on the first game

Find A Way Soccer 2 is actually an extension of the first game.On this extended version you can be  be able to choose between 10 teams and there are two types of players and added a new tournament mode.

Here are some screen shots from this game

Overall, graphics are good, brighter and colourful presentation. Music is good too. These games will keep you entertained if you are a puzzle solver!

Readers, are you going to play? Let us know your feedback in the comments section below!

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