Angry Flowers HD: Alternate to Plant vs Zombies?

8:51 PM
angry flowers HD, Windows Phone, lumia

Angry Flowers HD game is almost same as the popular Xbox title Plant vs Zombies. It is a story of protecting your lawn with your plants while zombies will attack. Like Tower defense games, you have to protect yourself and your plants will be like your towers. With brilliant music and graphics, you will see that both Angry flowers HD and Plant vs Zombies are same.

Features of the game:
  • Many level to conquer with Classic and Puzzle mode
  • 5 plants with unique skills and 5 terrific Zombies
  • More than 4 interesting items
  • HD quality graphics and Music
  • Online ranking to challenge all over the world

Overall, this game is really a ditto of Plant vs Zombies. However if u don't have the money to buy that, you can always play this game for free! 

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